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Everything you
can imagine is real.

-- Pablo Picasso

Dee Johnson

Photographer & Film maker

Photography is the Visual narrative of the journey of life

Once you have a vision and put in the work to bring it to fruition... you want to obtain a professional to accurately capture the excellence of your effort.

Experience is very important in the equation. A Photographer has to be a problem solver... regardless of the situation. Trust us, hire the professional...

our visual narrative

We invite you to sample part of our Journey to Kraft the Narrative while servicing our Clients.

dee johnson photography with camera
About Us

Dee Johnson Photography

Welcome to our Visual Journey! Dee Johnson Photography has been in the visual medium business for over 40 years. What started out as an expression of a young artist…turned into a passion that only an artist would understand.

There is something very powerful about ‘capturing’ moments in life that evoke…a response. I thank GOD for the gift! When excellence is what you desire, we count it an honor to earn your business for any photography venue; especially weddings.

A wedding is the ultimate challenge for any photographer…there are no…’do-overs’, when it comes to your special day…do not cut costs when it comes to the photographer! You seriously do…get what you pay for.

From Corporate to Family portraits, Senior Portraits to Events… if you need our services give us a call…502-417-1345.

Mr. Dee Johnson
Owner / Photographer

Spanning a 40+ year career

Weddings are the Kodak Moment you will treasure forever. Click below to explore our Wedding Stories...

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